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Real-Life Batboy Helps with Housefire

Luis Purcell is like every other eight-year-old boy with an admiration for Batman: he dresses in black capes complete with hood and mask and is constantly watching his favorite show Batman. It's when Purcell saves the day that he becomes a real hero straight out of the comic books.

On April 27th in Layton, Luke told his mother to call the Layton Fire Department for help when he smelled smoke.

Luke was dressed as Batman when he spotted the fire.

"I was playing with my friend, and I thought I smelled fireworks," Luke told Standard-Examiner. "I saw a lot of smoke coming from the roof of the house." Then he told his friend they should go get help. "I told his mom about the smoke so she could call the firefighters," Luke said.

Every year at Purcell's school there is an assembly addressing safety and how to recognize when there is a fire.

"My friend called me the other day when Luke was outside and said, 'I know our neighborhood is so much safer when I see Batman is on the prowl,' " Tanya said.

Of course, Luke wants to be Batman when he grows up to keep the streets safe from the likes of the Joker.  But if he can't fufill his dreams of undertaking the cowl, he plans on becoming a policeman.  Maybe we'll have the next Commisioner Gordon on our hands!  

Luke Purcell dressed as Batman 


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