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Red Dead Redemption: GOTY Edition to Land in October

Anybody out there missing sunset over the prairie?  Or perhaps you and your six-shooter haven’t gunned down some fame-seeking hotshot recently?  Either way, those of you looking to scratch that Wild West itch will have good reason to this October; the utterly stunning Red Dead Redemption is getting the Game of the Year treatment, and a definitive edition of the game featuring all the free and paid downloadable content released to date (as well as the free Myths and Mavericks DLC pack which is due to be released this month) will hit the shelves on October 14th.

That includes all the multiplayer packs with new weapons, characters and map locations; all the single-player add-ons including the Solomon’s Folly gang hideout (available for the first time on the Xbox 360); all the content that was previously only available if you’d pre-ordered the game; and a brand-new ‘hardcore’ single-player mode for those of you who found it a bit too easy the first time round.

So if you somehow haven’t managed to play Red Dead Redemption yet (or if you haven’t checked out the much creepier expansion Undead Nightmare), October is the perfect time to get hold of everything that you need to enjoy the horse-wranglin’, gun-shootin’, bandit-killin’ adventures of John Marston.


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