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Red Dead Redemption Liars and Cheats DLC

Red Dead Redemption has announced their second paid DLC coming out this September 21st called, Liars and Cheats, for 800 Microsoft points or $10.  This new expansion will also include the Free Roaming pack which was originally supposed to be free but there are “restrictions on the numbers of free packs” they can give away.  Which is Microsoft’s way of saying we don’t want to give too much away for free, but thankfully instead of releasing both for a price they are just condensing it down to one. 

Liars and Cheats will come with the ability to play Poker and Liars Dice with your friends online, along with the addition of being able to race your fellow cowboys on your horse across New Austin.  Hopefully this means you can both cheat, and be caught cheating, in Poker so you can shoot your friends for trying to get an easy win.  Of course that would mean they’d have to make the cheating system a little harder so it’s not as easy but that’s fine. 

 This is the list of everything coming out with this new DLC

  • Online Poker and Liar’s Dice
  • Seven New Gang Hideouts
  • Four New Hunting Grounds - with apparently the toughest animals to come to RDR yet
  • Online Horse Races
  • An Explosive Rifle - with single and multiplayer challenges
  • Stronghold Competitive Multiplayer Mode - an Attack-And-Defend type of game
  • Leaderboards for your Posse
  • 15 new multiplayer skins
  • And of course new achievements and trophies

This is a very generous amount for $10 but at the same time it is two DLC packs in one since Microsoft doesn’t make enough money, and can’t afford to give this away for free.  It’s still nice that Rockstar went the better way and is pretty much giving it up for free, but if you can’t afford this DLC you just got cheated out of, what looks like, some good content.

There still is some one more pack left to come out called the Undead Nightmare, a single player mission where you have to find a cure for an outbreak of zombies.  Does it fit the rest of the content of the game?  No, but zombies and cowboys sounds like a winner combination to me.


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