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Red Dead Reduction On Xbox Live

Rockstar's rootin' tootin' free roamin' shoot 'em up is on sale today (Thursday the 29th) along with all of its DLC packs as part of their 12 Days of Deals.  You can get Red Dead Redemption for 25% off of its normal price of thirty dollars, and the DLC packs are all 50% off.

This makes most of the DLC packs five dollars each, including the highly-recommended Undead Nightmare Pack.  Or you can just get the Undead Nightmare Collection which includes just about all of the DLC content for ten dollars.  Players who are just looking for a single-player experience are advised to stick with the Undead Nightmare Pack as most of the other DLC is multiplayer oriented.

This deal is only good for today, the 29th, so act fast if you've been waiting for this stuff to go on sale.  You can see the details of the event on the Xbox Marketplace website.  Or I suppose you could turn on your Xbox too.


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