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Red Faction Game Trial Coming Next Week to PS Plus

Sony announced today that PlayStation Plus content would start rolling to PlayStation Plus subscribers on a bi-weekly schedule. Since the service began last month, subscribers have had access to exclusive discounts, and free access to a select few PlayStation Network games. One of the perks to PlayStation Plus that Sony has been advertising has been the Game trial.

The first was inFamous, were subscribers were given essentially a 60 minute “trial” with the game. The next game that will get the same trail treatment starting next week is THQ’s Red Faction Guerrilla. This will follow the same formula that inFamous had, where subscribers will have just a 60 minutes trail.  

Grace Chen, Senior Manager, PlayStation Store also notes on the official blog post that this will be the last week for subscribers to take advantage of some of the few discounts and free games that Plus users have had access to up until now. So if you’re a subscriber to PlayStation Plus, now will be the time to download Fieldrunners for free if you haven’t already.

Taken from the official post, here is what you can look forward to in the next PlayStation Plus release:

PlayStation Plus: Highlights for 8/10

Red Faction Guerrilla from THQ – 60-minute Game Trial
Qore August Episode with exclusive demo of TerRover from SOE
PixelJunk Racers Second Lap – Early Access and Limited Time Discount exclusive
Aero Racer mini – FREE



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