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Red Light Properties Available in Print Next Year

Dan Goldman’s Red Light Properties will be available in print next year.  The acclaimed cult favorite about a Miami real estate agency that specializes in haunted properties is the next beneficiary of the cozy new relationship between Monkeybrain Inc. and IDW Publishing. Former Eisner award nominee for his work of non-fiction graphic journalism, 08: A Graphic Diary of the Campaign Trail, Dan Goldman’s newest work on his critically acclaimed, Red Light Properties is a bit of a departure from his former politically-centric subject matter.  Goldman is also one of the founding members of ACT-I-VATE, a web comic collective that punctuates his transition towards fiction.   RedLightProperties-Book01-FINAL-IDW   In discussing this transition, Goldman was quoted saying, “I’d had my fill of politics and topical comics.  Instead, I wanted to use a longer story about a broken but unique family to talk about life, death, family and how the spaces we live in can hang onto echoes of us after we’re gone.”  It’s a human story with a touch of the supernatural. Red Light Properties will be available in trade paperback in January of 2014.  The print edition will be re-edited, relettered, recolored, and rescripted.  In addition, it will include more than 20 pages of never-before-seen content and will be the first in multiple Red Light Property titles to be released by IDW Publishing.  As you can see, IDW and Monkeybrain are doing far more than just printing digital comics; they’re expanding and remastering them as well.


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