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“Red Sonja” movie happening, seeks Amber Heard

Your favorite busty readhead in chain mail might finally be getting her long-awaited remake. A couple years after Robert Rodriguez tickled fans with the return of Red Sonja at Comic Con, even going so far as to make a mock-up poster of Rose McGowan as the heroine, the once-shelved project has reportedly come back to life according to producer Avi Lerner and the folks behind this summer's Conan.

 got the scoop from Lerner that Nu Image has planned to film Red Sonya between Conan and Conan 2. The hope is also for the company's Drive Angry 3D star, Amber Heard, to take the lead. Simon West (Con Air) will reportedly direct. West makes for a more-than-capable choice, but it would be nice to hear what he has to say about the project. Too bad reporters didn't know earlier or they could've gotten the scoop during press rounds for West's recently released film, The Mechanic.

The character of Red Sonja was created by Robert E. Howard but popularized through Roy Thomas' Conan comics. Some might recall the original 1985 film with Brigitte Nielsen in the lead and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Kalidor. 

As for Heard's involvement in the project, this is what Lerner had to say:

"Amber is the new Red Sonja... but she doesn't know it yet!" laughs the producer. "When you write it she'll get the shock of her life! She'll call me and say 'How dare you talk to Empire before you talk to me?!'" 

Considering that Heard has not had her own star vehicle or her star-power status tested, the possibility would not be a longshot for her to say yes. Of course, that would provided that she's okay running around in armor that barely covers the necessities merely to appeal to carnal male instincts. But I'm sure the film will handle the role with good taste.

With Conan in post-production and due out August 19, if Lerner is correct in that Red Sonja will come next, expect to hear more soon. Meanwhile, discuss whether Heard can dye that flowing blond hair and pull this off.


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