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Release Date for the ‘World War Z’ Sequel been Announced

World War Z was a successful horror-action movie back in 2013, making $540 Million from a $190 Million budget and earned solid critical reviews. A sequel was quickly commissioned and now The Hollywood Reporter has broke the news that Paramount has set a release date for the sequel to be June 9, 2017. World War Z was a troubled production and it was predicted to be a disaster. It with a hostile fan reaction after it was found that the movie was a very loose adaptation of the popular Max Brooks novel. Filming in Budapest was interrupted when Hungarian police seized the production's weapons and third act was rewritten by Damon Lindelof and Drew Goddard, forcing extensive re-shoots and dropping an major action sequence set in Moscow. Matthew Fox's role was reduced from being pivotal to being essentially a cameo. world war z tower of zombies Brad Pitt produced the original movie through his production company Plan B and he starred as Gerry Lane, a UN investigator who goes on an international mission to find the source of a zombie outbreak, taking him to South Korea, Israel and Wales (replacing the climax set in Russia). Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona (The Orphanage, The Impossible) was originally set to direct the sequel and his next movie is going to be A Monster Calls. Steven Knight (Eastern Promises, Locke) is on writing duties and he has stated that the sequel would be a 'clean slate' for the series. Fox's Fantastic Four sequel has also been set for the same release date, but that could easily change because the Josh Trank directed reboot was a troubled production which could read about in this article in The Hollywood Reporter.


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