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Remastered Arkham Release Dates Announced

"More Batman is always good."
[caption id="attachment_83435" align="alignnone" width="800"]Same Bat Time, Same Bat Game, Different Bat Consoles! Same Bat Time, Same Bat Game, Different Bat Consoles![/caption] Warner Brothers Interactive has announced that they are going to be serving up a helping of awesome games on July 26th. Need a hint? na na na na na na na na … BATMAAAAAAN. Apparently, these games are going to be about the caped crusader dealing with giant prison breaks in Arkham Asylum and really put you in Batman’s cowl for the first time in gaming. Cool detective mode allowing you to really see things the way Batman does. A fighting system that allows you to endlessly link attacks if you’re fast enough. Bat gadgets that- What’s that you say? They already released these games? They were huge hits and everyone loved them? I played them? Arkham City actually blew my mind? How could you possibly know that? ::editor’s note:: cut it out, Orrin ::editor’s note:: Yeah. Ok. Fine. All kidding aside, news has come out today that Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are being packaged together with better graphics and updated environments and the Unreal 4 Engine. It will be released for the Xbox One and Playstation 4 as Batman: Return to Arkham. So what does this mean? It means that some of the best Batman action outside of the Paul Dini cartoon from the 90s is going to be at your fingertips or … er… controller … tips… again very soon. It’ll be optimized for the current generation of consoles. If you have not played these Batman games than you will do yourself a great favor by picking this up. Batman: Arkham Asylum was released in 2009 by Rocksteady Studios, and Batman: Arkham City was released in 2011. Both games delved heavily into the Batman mythos with Batman at one point visiting the site of his parent’s murder in Arkham City. The initial information regarding this release was leaked a couple of months ago.  


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