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Remember Me Interactive Journal Now Online

DONTNOD Entertainment have launched a new interactive journal, which reveals more about their eagerly awaited title, Remember Me. 

The journal, which was made public today, is said to be the diary of Memorize founder Antoine Cartier-Wells and it tells his story between the years 2013-2084, which is where the game begins. 

Readers of the diary will apparently, according to DONTNOD’s Creative Director Jmax, “…find out more about the history of the world and the company between today and tomorrow.”

Remember Me is an action-adventure game set in Neo Paris circa 2084. “In this future, thanks to an implant known as Sensen, you can record everything you see, hear and feel,” Jamx told the PlayStation Blog, “…giving birth to a memory trading economy where you can share or even sell those memories.”

However, whilst this implant may sound pretty cool “…there is a potentially more sinister side to this world as one company, Memorize, controls all the memory data (imagine having a smart phone and social media directly tapped into your brain!) and this begs the question who is watching the watchmen?”

Amongst the people concerned with the power that Memorize hold over the city is Nilin. As the most powerful member of the group known as the Erorrists, her main concern is bringing down the aforementioned company and its this commanding female that the player will control. 

Remember Me is marked for a June 4th release and will be available to buy on both the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, as well as PC.


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