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Remote Plus Priced, Dated, and Ready to Ship

According to a press release on Nintendo’s Japanese website, details on the Wii’s new Remote Plus controller have finally arrived after two weeks of media dodging. Starting November 11th, Japanese gamers will finally get the chance to snatch up the system’s latest response to the current industry-wide motion control blitz for what is roughly the equivalent of forty U.S. dollars. Whether that price will make its way across the Pacific is still unknown, but it’s not very likely that the price will increase too much, if at all, during the controller’s ride over. Expect an official U.S. announcement soon regarding when exactly that ride will take place.

And, thanks to a translation of the press release made by Japanese gaming blog Andriasang, Player Affinity has learned that Nintendo intends to eventually phase out the current Wii Remote and it’s Wii Motion Plus attachment by packing the Remote Plus with future shipments of the Wii home console. Additionally, side-by-side comparison pictures included in the press release reveal that the Remote Plus is the exact same size as the original Wii Remote. This should come as good news for all the Nintendo fanboys out there. Because, Nintendo can finally tell Sony and Microsoft that they too have a new controller, and it doesn’t require a peripheral to play games. 


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