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Report Shows Android Ahead of iOS in US Sales

Android is the Current "King"

In the 3 months ending January ’13, Android can call itself the “King of Wireless” as it moves into sole position of best-selling smartphone platform. Android devices gained a 6.4% growth, comparatively from this point last year, as it now makes up 49.4% of smartphone sales. This jump in sales has been largely attributed to its correlating market share of Sprint smartphone sales, according to a report by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech (up to 39% of smartphone sales).

The Galaxy SIII has been more than a great seller for Sprint as it is becoming the branding machine for the Android’s possible coup of iOS. Samsung’s premier device has seen a promising increase in sales after a price drop from $199 to $99, increasing its market share of sales from 14% at the close of the October period, to 39% in January’s respective period. These great increases have not translated in favor of growing Sprint as a whole as it continues to share only 14.2% of the market compared to AT&T at 28.2% and Verizon at 35.2%.

iOS is still as relevant as ever but it slowing moving farther and farther behind Android’s platform as Apple’s mobile system is now at 45.9% of US market sells. Considering that Windows makes up less than 4% of the market, it is really a two-dog race. Yet, Android continues its trend of moving beyond, and iOS, continues its unfamiliar slide. If Sprint is to grow its network and users, the formula seems very glaring: Increase the relationship with Android, particularly in the form of Samsung exclusives, and reap the rewards.


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