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Resident Evil 6 Comes to PC + New DLC

PC owners will finally get to try the much maligned Resident Evil 6 when it gets released on March 22, 2013 for Steam. The game will be download only in North America whilst in Europe a disc option will also be available, as well as the download. The game has got mixed reviews to say the least, so many players will be happy to see which side of the fence they sit on when they get to play the game early next year.

A new patch was released this week with a 2nd one scheduled for early next year. The first patch fixes and updates a number of issues in the game including camera changes and a new difficulty unlocked. It is unconfirmed at this point if it actually makes the game fun or not.

There is also new DLC out this week to enjoy/avoid for Xbox 360 players. Capcom won’t let you forget about this game in a hurry if you like it or not. Check out our review here for one of 2012’s most polarizing games.


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