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Resident Evil 6 Teased at TGS

At Tokyo Game Show 2011 Capcom presented a teaser confirming Resident Evil (known as Biohazard in Japan) 6 is in development.  The trailer as of me writing this has not officially been released online or to the mass public but camera footage has been leaked of it and the details are, as you'd expect, very vague at best.   After some brief text there is a flash of a single location that looks to be an Umbrella/Tricell facility of some kind and at the end, when the title shows up, there is a hint at the game being set in a Tundra environment due to snow falling and gale winds being heard.

The text implies that the local teased in the flashed image is from past games so there is a chance Resident Evil 6 may feature a return to Racoon City which no doubt would get fans super excited.  If you've been playing the Resident Evil series since it started like I have you'll recall that in the third game the Zombie-filled city was nuked and wiped out of existence but given the screenshot looks like it is indeed a facility this could mean the very place where the original T-Virus was created will be a part of the story.

Elaborating on this further, we may see zombies make a return to Resident Evil, but at this point I am purely speculating.  While I found the last "proper" Resident Evil game to be quite underwhelming and disappointing, it was certainly a very well made, very fun title and as history shows, Capcom is fully capable of making brilliant titles in the series as 4 and 3 are some of my all-time favourite games.

I am really hoping to hear more about this soon.


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