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Resident Evil 7 To Be Announced at E3?

Take this one with a very large pinch of salt for now. Supposedly leaked artwork point to a potential announcement soon for Resident Evil 7. This seems very odd for a number of reasons seeing as Resident Evil 6 only came out last fall and Resident Evil Revelations is being ported to consoles this week. Perhaps Capcom really are intent on milking the franchise dry at this point.

A ‘leaked’ memo also suggests the game will be shown at this year’s E3 (in poster form at least). Of course this could all prove fake as many people will decent photoshop skill can make a believable poster in no time. As a huge fan of the series I really hope this turns out to be false. Resident Evil 6 was a mess in my opinion and if RE7 is announced soon then it almost certainly has been in production before the reception of RE6 which I hoped would have had an impact on the next game.

The series needs a break for a few years and they really need to figure out where to take the series next before it becoming even more of a shell of it’s former self. The franchise definitely still has legs, Revelations proved that as it was a fantastic game on the 3DS. I just hope they don’t start churning out numbered sequels every other year like so many franchises like to do. Only time will tell on this one.


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