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Resident Evil Revelations Officially Confirmed for Consoles & PC

Resident Evil: Revelations is finally coming to consoles outside of it's handheld acclaim on PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U on May 21. At retail it will run you $49.99, or as a digital version on PS3 and PC on launch day (with 360 and Wii U digital versions to follow). As the gaming fanboy would demand, this new version will include online Raid Mode co-op, enhanced HD graphics, lighting, and a few more "shinies." 

A new character, but a franchise favorite named Hunk, who will be playable in Raid Mode, will be accompanied by his badass gas mask. The release will also include a new enemy, an exclusive harder difficulty, a couple new additions to your raid arsenal, and new custom parts that will increase the deadliness of your arsenal. You can see the trailer below.

Check out the press release here for more details.

This is great news for Resident Evil fans who have been craving for a another great thrill ride and weren't fortunate enough to have a 3DS when this game struck gold (or disappointed by the recent release). For those gamers who have played it, are you willing to cough up the money to invest in the new "improved" console release and for the people new to the Revelations fever, are you willing to get on the bandwagon and see what it is all about? Let us know in the comments below.


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