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Resident Evil Revelations Wii U Getting Social Features

Capcom has announced today that the Wii U version of Resident Evil: Revelations will be getting some exclusive social features to the game.

First up is the ability to post and view “Death Messages,” which are drawings or written posts on the game over screen so that others can see your tips or frustration over dying in a particular part of the game. While these look like Miiverse posts, Capcom didn’t mention if this from Nintendo’s social network or if this was built by Capcom themselves.

Also shown off was the “Creature’s Voice,” where enemies in the game will have speech bubbles over their heads written by other Revelations players. Capcom swiftly mentioned that this was a completely optional feature, but it does make the game a bit funnier.

The Raid Mode in the console/PC release will be also adding new characters and enemies to the mix. Capcom has announced so far that you can play as Rachel and Hunk, and fight creatures such the Wall Blister and the final boss - the Ultimate Abyss.

Resident Evil: Revelations will be out on May 21st for Wii U, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.


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