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“Resistance 3” Beta Coming Soon to PlayStation Plus

For all of you PlayStation Plus users out there, you will be happy that you signed up as it has just been announced that early access to a multiplayer beta of the upcoming alien shooter, Resistance 3, is coming exclusively to PlayStation Plus.

For US gamers, however, they can also get in on the action at exactly the same time as EU PS+ users via the purchase of specially marked standard copies of SOCOM 4: Special Forces, as well as copies of the Full Deployment Edition, which comes out in North America on April 19th 2011.

The SOCOM 4: Special Forces Full Deployment Edition will include the following: a copy of the game itself, the PlayStation Move Controller, Navigation Controller, PlayStation Eye AND the PlayStation Sharpshooter. It’s not called "Full Deployment" for nothing.

A “beta chain” of the biggest PlayStation 3 exclusives has now been noticed by many. Early access to the SOCOM 4: Special Forces beta was available to US gamers if they bought a copy of Killzone 3, which was released worldwide in February earlier this year, after their own public beta went live back in October 2010.

An exact release date of the Resistance 3 public beta has not been announced just yet, but this additional information will be unveiled in due course.

Resistance 3 will arrive later this year in September, exclusively for PlayStation 3.



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