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Resistance 3 Beta Dated and Detailed

Early access to Resistance 3's multiplayer beta will start August 4th, while PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to join August 23rd.

I'm not the biggest fan of Resistance. I had minimal exposure to the first and second games so far but I'm somewhat interested in the upcoming third entry. The beta will be starting next month and anyone with SOCOM 4 gets to play a good few weeks earlier than PSN Plus subscribers. I've still yet to find a reason to upgrade to Plus, not least because I spend a ton of money on this hobby already so I probably won't be participating myself. 

Two maps will be featured in the beta, Seaside of Glamorgan, Wales and a Trainyard in Bogota, Colombia, both playable in Team Deathmatch and a new mode called Chain Reaction. The other game modes, Deathmatch, Breach and Capture the Flag, will not be included in the beta. Feature-wise the game's leveling, upgrades and unlock systems will be present, though no word yet if anything will transfer over to the full game. Leveling will also be capped at 20 for the beta.

Anyone who isn't with Plus or doesn't own SOCOM 4 will have a chance to get in via Insomniac's twitter and various game sites who have been given codes to distribute over the coming weeks.


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