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Respawn’s New Game To Be Xbox Exclusive?

Could Microsoft have it’s next big exclusive ready to reveal soon? If latest rumors are anything to go by then that seems to be the case. According to multiple sources, Respawn Entertainment’s long awaited new game, scheduled to be shown for the first time at this year’s E3, will be exclusive to the new Xbox. If this turns out to be true it would be a huge coup for Microsoft as they prepare to battle Sony over the next few years in the looming console war.

The game is rumored to be a sci-fi shooter and is always online, which backs up the other rumors of an always online Xbox. Respawn is made up of former Call of Duty creators who left Activision and formed their own studio over a number of different issues. The game will be published by EA who have also been battling Activision with their own games in the genre such as Battlefield.

This would add to Gears of War and Halo as the third major sci-fi shooter that is exclusive to the Xbox and will definitely be a huge victory with Sony only having Killzone and Resistance which are nowhere near as popular. The game is rumored to also have a Xbox 360 version, but no other versions outside of Microsoft’s consoles. A lot of this is all rumor and speculation right now but with the Xbox reveal event on May 21st and E3 shortly after don’t be surprised to be hearing a lot about this game in the very near future.


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