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Rich Wilkes to pen “Iron Fist” for Marvel

Screenwriter Rich Wilkes has been hired to pen a script for Marvel Studios’ based on the character Iron Fist. Originating in the '70s during the heigh of kung fu culture, the story follows a martial artist whose fists become impenetrable weapons after battling a dragon. The comic was created by Gil Kane and Roy Thomas.

According to Deadline, a film based on this comic was just one of many that were making the rounds in Hollywood. In fact, Marvel teamed up with Artisan almost ten years ago to make an Iron Fist movie as something of a star vehicle for Ray Park (X-Men, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace), but that project fell through. Now that Marvel is with Disney, more of these small-scale Marvel projects are possible.

Wilkes is perhaps best known for penning the first film in the xXx series that sparked two sequels. He also wrote Ballad of the Whiskey Robber and The Dirt, with the latter script being based on the escapades of famous rock band Mötley Crüe.

It’s interesting to note how many projects Marvel has given the scripting go-ahead to lately, the most recent other lesser-known character being Dr. Strange back in June. Given the less-than-iconic status of the Iron Fist character, it is likely that the savvy studio is banking on a surprise hit a la Iron Man in 2008. Let’s just hope that, like in that instance, there is a fantastic cast and marketing team behind it to make the film a success.


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