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Ron Richards New Image Comics Business Development Director

Ron Richards has been hired to be Image Comics business development director. Image Comics is growing in popularity that publishes several titles a week (including like of the not-so-happy Happy and Todd, The Ugliest Kid on Earth). Richards will be focusing on sales and marketing strategies for the publishing line. This includes print and digital products and extending the Image Comics brand to wider audiences. He will be working closely with Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson and the PR and Marketing Director Jennifer de Guzman to increase awareness and the availability of Image using Diamond Distribution, retail stores, digital initiatives and other sales and marketing programs. Richards is the co-founder of the popular comic book website iFaboy.com which began over eleven years ago in 2001. On the website Richards wrote news, reviews and podcasts about comic books. He also spent years in the technology industry. Recently he worked at Graphicly to help pioneer and innovate eBook publishing and distribution. Then in 2012 he co-organized MorrisonCon which was a successful comic conference. Richards expressed his gratitude by saying: Ron Richards "The opportunity to work at Image Comics, the source of such talented people creating amazing comics, is truly an honor… By melding together my knowledge of the comic book industry with years of business and technology experience, I hope to contribute and continue the tremendous success they've had and help propel Image to even greater heights.”  Stephenson said, regarding Richards position: "I've worked with Ron for years in a variety of roles, and it's a real pleasure to finally be working with him here at Image… For everyone who was impressed by what Image accomplished over the last few years, I'm not exaggerating at all when I say you haven't seen anything yet. We're adding some much needed depth to our bullpen, and 2013 is going to be nothing short of amazing as a result.”  Richards presence in the comic book world is something fellow comic reviewers like me can admire (and, of course, secretly envy). Good luck with your work Richards, and here’s to a great Image Comics for 2013!  


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An all-around nerdette, I’m a comic book connoisseur, horror aficionado, video game addict, anime enthusiast and an aspiring novelist/comic book writer. I am the head of the comic book department and the editor-in-chief of Entertainment Fuse. I also write and edit articles for Comic Frontline. I am also an intern at Action Lab Entertainment, a comic book publisher at which I edit comic book scripts, help work on images in solicitations and help with other comic book related project. My own personal website is comicmaven.com.

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