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Riddler a likely villain in “Batman 3”

As the "Inception" whirlwind begins to die down, that leaves the third Batman film as Christopher Nolan's next project, which is essentially our cue as movie bloggers that we can pump up the rumor and speculation stories from here until the film's release on July 20, 2012. Rumor number one would obviously be the villain. Fan speculation has long favored The Riddler and FirstShowing.net believes they've got a reliable source saying not only is that true, but that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is "interested."

The source says it has gotten hold of a Warner Bros. casting grid, which is basically a list of all parts, actors, their availability, etc. and that the Riddler was on it. So FirstShowing.net is confident that this is confirmation of The Riddler. Gordon-Levitt, of course, should still be considered a rumor. It's not a stretch to believe he would be interested or that Nolan would enjoy working with him again in some capacity. The only problem is that Gordon-Levitt at 29, is simply too young for a character between 35-45, not that they couldn't change it, but I've always seen The Riddler as a more omnipotent foe, someone with a presence who outsmarts Batman. Gordon-Levitt comes off as more of a Robin, a character that I know no one reading this article wants, though JGL would make that a bit easier to stomach I certainly think.

Regardless, seeing "Inception" just reinforces why The Riddler is perfect for "Batman 3." Any character that loves to set up elaborate distortions of reality and uses clues to mess with his foes would be right up Nolan's alley. For all intents and purposes, Heath Ledger's Joker was basically The Riddler without the clues. Batman had to figure out the next move in his elaborate plan at each stage of the film, so it's a natural extension to add Edward Nygma to the list. Plus, the viral marketing opportunities would simply be out of this world and quite possibly outdo "The Dark Knight." But riddle me this: will he be the only baddie?


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