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Ridge Racer Unbounded Coming March 6th

I've been curious to see what exactly Ridge Racer Unbounded would turn out to be for some time, and come March 6th, I and everyone else will find out.

For those of you who aren't aware, this Ridge Racer is the first in the series not made by one of Namco's teams and has been outsourced to American studio BugBear Entertainment, creators of the Flatout series. The big selling point behind Unbounded is the game's track creator, which allows players to build entire cities' worth of tracks and share them online.  If done well enough, this sort of thing can result in near limitless replayability, though I don't think it will be quite as insane as something like Trackmania. It's still nice to see other devs take a crack at giving players these kinds of features in a racing title rather than just shipping a boxed product with a set number of tracks you'll eventually grow really tired of.

From what little I've seen in trailers and limited gameplay footage, it’s looking quite fun. Nothing dramatically new or different as far as arcade-style racing games go but considering the genre is grossly underrepresented these days I'm definitely hoping this game turns out great. Strangely, it reminds me more of last year’s Split Second more than anything else.

I think there’s some other game out on the same day too, Effects of Masses? Ah, I forget what it's called.


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