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Ridley Scott to Helm A New ‘Blade Runner’ Film

After a lengthy deal to attain the film rights to the 1982 sci-fi classic, Alcon Entertainment has announced that not only will there be a sequel to Blade Runner—original director Ridley Scott would be returning to direct it.

The original film took place in 2019 Los Angeles, where organic robots known as Replicants are used off-world for various (and often dangerous) purposes. It is illegal for them to return to Earth; those that do are hunted down by a police task force known as “Blade Runners.” The film followed veteran Blade Runner Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) as he tracked a group of dangerous Replicants trained in violent actions across dystopian Los Angeles.

Don’t expect to see this sequel (if it’s even a direct sequel) in theaters anytime soon. Scott’s involvement is just to get the ball rolling. Writers need to be hired; a plot needs to be set and casting has to get underway. It doesn’t help that Scott has recently wrapped production on Prometheus, his latest sci-fi film that is inspired (but not directly affiliated with) his 1979 hit Alien. He’ll be doing press on that project for several months to come and could choose to direct another film while the “Runner” sequel gets hammered out in its pre-production stage.

In other words, the earliest the film could likely hit screens is in 2014. That’s plenty of time to speculate how this sequel could take form: could it be a prequel? What about Ford’s involvement (if any)?


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