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For roughly four years now I've had the joy of attending former Mystery Science Theater 3000 veteran's panel in some form or another. The first year Mike, Kevin and Bill presented The Film Crew in which the three were tasked with making sure every movie had a commentary track. It was a bit like MST3000 but it really didn't capture the feel and became limited in the product it could produce.

What was limitless was the brainchild of Mike, Riff Trax. For those unfamiliar with Riff Trax, it's an audio track that is downloaded from the site of the same name. This audio track is a "riffing audio track" in which the team then makes fun of a movie. It ranges from the Matrix to Daredevil and all the way to Footloose. The brilliance of the idea is that they're not redistributing the movie like they were on MST3000, just an audio track that sync's up with the movie.

Riff Trax - Reefer MadnessThis year the trio performed a Riff Trax live in which the "riffed" on Buying Food. A black and white short that gave the viewer tips and rules for, well, buying food. Thankfully I was a part of this wonderful experience (I only had to wait in line for an hour and a half and was nearly turned away just as I reached the front door) but it was worth it.

After Buying Food, the audience then pitched ideas for what movies the site should Riff on next. Being that this is comic con, it was no surprise that the first movie suggested was "Avatar the Last Airbender". Other suggestions included The Warriors, Mario Brothers, 2012, Skyscrapper and Passion of the Christ. If you made a good suggestion you were pelted in the head with a Hersey Kiss. For fans of MST3000 its moments and experiences like this that keep the show alive and introduce it to new audiences. Let's just hope they put it in a bigger room next year as they were at least a couple hundred people behind us in line that didn't get in to see it.

If you're interested in watching the trio on the big screen they'll be riffing Reefer Madness as a Fathom Screening event on August 19th and a replay on August 24th. Check out FathomEvents.com from more info.


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