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Rift: Infernal Dawn Teaser Trailer

Trion’s Rift will soon be releasing update 1.8. Included in this update will be quite a bit of new content, including a new 20 man raid where you can battle colossal foes inside a volcano. According to Trion, this is “the most advanced raid in Telara” so you can expect a massive challenge as you defeat Infernal Dawn’s seven bosses.

The 1.8 update is to be expected later this month. Aside from the new raid, it will also include new tradeskills consisting of: fishing and survival. These will allow you to catch fish, and cook food. Also to be expected is a new Guild Finder option, and an all new world event. If I’m honest, SWTOR has taken over a lot of my time recently, but hearing of this new update coming soon has reignited my desire to play Rift again!

For more information visit Rift’s homepage at www.riftgame.com   Just for you, Rift fans, a cheeky sneak peek at Infernal Dawn is shown here in the trailer below!



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