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‘Rise of Nightmares’ Coming Exclusively for Kinect

Sega intends to publish Kinect’s first M-rated game with the upcoming Rise of Nightmares. Players will fill the boots of an American tourist whose wife has been capture by a crazy scientist who has a thing for resurrecting the dead like all respectable scientists. The game will be played from a first-person perspective and the emphasis will be on melee combat rather than traditional firearms (just think of House of the Dead meets Condemned and you’re pretty much there). The game will take place in mansion-esqué environment and you’ll be fighting zombies and other types of monsters (sounds a little familiar doesn’t it) that you can dismember to your heart's content.  


The game is set for a September 20th release and is exclusive for Kinect. It’s great to see more games being announced that are trying to do something other than make you dance or pretend you’re doing sports in front of your TV. Microsoft pushed the Kinect's relevance for “core” titles a lot at E3 and some of the recent announcements really sound like they could enhance games in ways most people didn’t see coming.


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