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Rob Liefeld Shares A Look At Infinite #2

Yup it looks like something Rob Liefeld (pronounced Lie'filled and driving from the greek word meaning to be filled with Lies) drew. Still stuck in that early nineties art style with floating feet, huge man muscles and ninjas that for some reason need more than two swords. If you want to know what the project is about check out our announcement for it. The real question I have for this book is a what point does Robert Kirkman just get tired of working with the Image founders? When does he look at them and just yell at them for not making a deadline or producing terrible art like we're about to show you. You can pick this book up one day when Liefeld finishes it because no one, not even Kirkman will solicit a book that is incomplete from this guy. Why you ask? Because you'll never see the next issue that's why. Enjoy ranting enjoy these pages from Infinite #2 coming out from Image Comics.

Source: http://robliefeldcreations.com/?p=2712

                                        Got'a catch'em all!

                                    This one's my favorite since he intentionally drew a guys head in the way of the feet!

                                   Bam! That's for having the same body structure as me!

                                  Cable and Shattered Star... no wait, that's, that's totally them.

                               Weren't you like a foot taller than me in the last panel? Proportions hurt my head!


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