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Rob Liefeld Takes Over Three DC Titles

Artist Rob Liefeld is not a popular man in the comic book world. Many people hate his artwork and thought the recent news that he will be taking over as artist for three of DC's New 52 titles was a joke. It's not. He is. And I am looking forward to it with admittedly wearisome optimism. Liefeld will be writing and doing the artwork for Deathstroke and will be plotting Grifter, and The Savage Hawkman.

Liefeld will be replacing Tony Daniel on The Savage Hawkman because Daniel's heavy deadlines forced him to drop the Hawkman title so he could focus more of his time on his other title, more well-received title, Detective Comics. Liefeld's plans for Hawkman entail an intergalactic fighting ring with some galactic battles.

He will also be replacing Joe Bennet as artist for Deathstroke, the comic I am most looking forward to seeing him do work on after seeing his cover and enjoying the improvements made to Deathstroke's costume. He will be beginning his run of Deathstroke with the gruesome bounty hunter Lobo who's bloody tactics may send the series away from it's pre-depth days and back into it's carnage filled gallows. But, as a lover of biker-boy Lobo I can not resist seeing him and Deathstroke duke it out despite how unevenly matched it may seem.

In his third title, Liefeld will replace Scott Clark on Grifter. He plans to have Grifter continue his fight against the Daemonite and will supposed have Deathblow make an appearance.

The main reason I look forward to Liefeld's artistic run on these titles is because of the picture of Deathstroke. I have never been an expert on art (and I know there are several people hastily agreeing with me with their Liefeld torches lit) but I have seen much worse than Liefeld - despite his cover's inclusion on my Top Ten Worst Covers list of 2011 - in the past and hope his rep will be restored if he can make improvements artistically and plot-relatedly to these titles. Liefeld will be taking over in May, the same time six as the cancellation of six of the New 52 titles.

Deathstroke cover done by Rob Liefeld (2012) 


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