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Robert Rodart Rewriting Script for ‘Thor 2’

Shooting is a ways away, but Thor 2 has already had a nightmarish pre-production.
Although Chris Hemsworth will return
as the titular Norse god, the sequel to Marvel Studios’ 2011 hit had a number of issues with the director’s chair and now it will get a rewrite.

Late last summer, Thor director Kenneth
and Marvel parted ways. The studio then hired Monster director Patty
to helm the sequel and set a November 2013 release date. However, a couple months ago she
 the project – or
was dumped
? – and over Christmas Marvel
tapped Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor for the gig.

It doesn’t look like the changes are stopping there. Deadline
reveals that Robert Rodat
will revise Don Payne’s draft of the
Thor 2 script. If Rodat’s name rings
a bell, it might be because of his Oscar-nominated script for Steven Spielberg’s
Saving Private Ryan.

Rewrites are commonplace on blockbusters, especially studio tentpoles, but Marvel could really use some good press on the sequel about now. The studio and distributor Disney hope to have the film out on November 15, 2013, with
production set to begin later this year.


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