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Robert Rodriguez Will Bring Back ‘Heavy Metal’

One of the biggest pieces of news from Thursday evening's Quick Draw Production panel with Robert Rodriguez is the announcement that they will be making a new Heavy Metal movie. After shuffling around Hollywood for years, even being in the hands of David Fincher for a bit, Kevin Eastman now owns the rights to Heavy Metal, and with the help of Rodriguez, he's bringing it to the big screen.

The cult adult animated magazine, which blended sci fi, fantasy, and erotica and inspired a 1981 movie of the same name, will be made by Rodriguez's new company with the help of other big names like Zack Snyder and Kevin Eastman, the creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who joined Rodriguez at the panel.

Rodriguez and Eastman announced that the film will be an anthology of stories, like Sin City or Pulp Fiction, with "3 stories and a wrap-around story." Rodriguez also announced that, as with Grindhouse, he'll be holding a trailer contest, saying that anyone who has ever had an idea for a film or a trailer should write it down, design it, or even film it.  To enter the contest, you can visit amd.com/heavymetal. 

No word yet on who will be directing or starring in Heavy Metal, nor do we have a timeline for its completion. But we do know it's definitely happening.


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