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RoboCop #1

RoboCop! The cover says it all. Part man, part machine, all cop; the future of law enforcement returns! Let's say that the third movie never happened. Okay? Good, because that's exactly what Rob Williams (Ghostbusters, Punisher Max), the writer, has done. Dynamite Entertainment really knocks it out of the park with this issue. Not only does Williams capture the feel of the earlier movies and the world of RoboCop, but he ushers him into a modern era. Let me explain. RoboCop 1 resembled the 80's even though, it was the future. RoboCop 2 did the same thing for the 90's, while still feeling like the future. The tone of this issue is very much of our own society today but still feels like the near future.
                                                                                                   RoboCop #1
The issue begins with OPC taking a beating in the media. Our news anchors are talking about OPC's new weapons issued to our soldiers to help them fight in the war overseas. We're also introduced to the new face of OPC Edwina Odenkirk, Chief Executive. After a further introduction to the status quo of the world we move on to RoboCop in action. We find him hanging out the window to a police issued Ford Taurus, shooting at a stolen armed car. There's a great scene in which a gun man is holding a hostage and egging Robocop on, basically saying, "You can't shoot me, so ha!" I mean, he's RoboCop, he's not going to miss. Moving forward, Edwina shows up at the Police station and fires everyone to introduce Ed 209b, the new and improved enforcer of the law.

This book is really good! There were several parts of the issue that I shouted, "Oh, my God!" It made me excited about RoboCop and really felt like Robocop. It captured the first two movies, mostly the first, perfectly. William's story is complimented by the fantastic art of Fabiano Neves (Athena, Red Sonja). Neves not only is capable of drawing intense action but also the dialog heavy scenes where characters are going back and forth with each other. Diogo Nascimento (OMAC) colors the book wonderfully. There's a real sense of clean and dirty to the book. OPC is always crisp and neat, while Old Detroit is littered with trash. His color highlights the differences and makes it fit in with the look of the movies. If you had any doubts about this book then let me assure you, RoboCop is back, and he brought his kick-ass gun with him.

Story - 10.0
Art - 10.0
Color - 10.0
Overall - 10.0


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