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Robocop Statue Could Happen

In February 2011 there was a humorous ploy asking Detroit Mayor Dave Bing if there was to be a RoboCop statue in his 'New Detroit' proposal, which is planned to turn Detroit back into a prosperous city again. When the Mayor said there was no such plan and word of this reached the internet, there were several fund raising events to raise enough money for the statue which would be built at the Imagination Station. There is yet to be seen if there will actually be a statue built, but it is reported that over $50,000 has already been raised on the internet.
Detroit -- It looks like a RoboCop statue may be erected in Detroit after all.Just six days after an online fundraising campaign began, a loosely organized group of Detroiters has raised more than $50,000 to build a statue to pay homage to the 1987 film.The group met its goal following a $25,000 matching gift Tuesday evening from a company called Omni Consumer Products.The group is using Kickstarter.com, a "crowd-raising" website that challenges visitors to help meet a short-term goal.

Detroit’s Imagination Station, a nonprofit group charged with cleaning up Detroit’s blighted areas, pledged Roosevelt Park as the RoboCop statue’s future home.

Play Song to increase awesomeness - John Williams - Robocop theme

This is by far the coolest thing ever! Philly has Rocky, Detroit has Robocop. New York should have Snake Plissken and LA could have...Fletch, that would be cool, not Robocop cool but yeah. What other cities need their cinematic hero?


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