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Robot Fighter Receives Relaunch

Apparently not shy about his increasingly strong ties to the Valiant library of characters, among whom Fred Van Lente (Incredible Hercules) has done wonders with Archer & Armstrong, Van Lente takes on yet another one of these obscure and too overshadowed figures. Moving over to Dynamite Entertainment, Fred will pen the upcoming relaunch of Magnus: Robot Fighter, and tell the story of the titular hero fighting his way across a world where the line between robot and human has become almost non-existent. "To many, he's a hero. To many, he's a villain. It all depends on what the difference is between the good robots and the bad robots", notes Van Lente. In previous continuities Magnus was more directly tied to the Valiant line, and at one point was even related to characters in Harbinger. "Out of necessity", Dynamite is going with a complete "rethink" of the series.   Magnus01CovHardmanNoDress-523a6   Fred Van Lente will be joined by artist Cory Smith as Magnus: Robot Fighter hits stands this March. Thoughts and comments would be appreciated below.


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