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Rock Band 4 Announced

"Coming later this year for Xbox One and PS4"
Over the last couple of months, Rock Band series developers Harmonix had slowly been trickling out a series of new DLC tracks for Rock Band 3. These new tracks came roughly a year and a half after they hand ended support for the game and, in addition to other industry rumblings, lead many to believe a new game in the series was on the horizon. Well, guess what just got announced.
Rock Band 4 is coming later in 2015 for Xbox One and Playstation 4! It'll support all your ol' plastic rockin' peripherals, and Mad Catz will also be making new ones specifically for this game. It will also allow you to import all the content from the previous games in the series, meaning you will have an offensively large catalog of songs to play with from the get go.

Harmonix put together this behind the scenes dev diary for the announcement, which is all very feel good and "Lets put the band back together" etc etc. It certainly gave me a warm fuzzy feeling to see this type of game come back and be talked about in such enthusiastic terms.


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