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Rock Band DLC Releases Ending After 5 Years

After five years and 275 consecutive weeks, DLC for Rock Band will stop being supported from April 2nd. Since the launch of the first game Harmonix have continually supported the game with over 4000 songs currently available to download, but have finally decided it is time to move on.

Recently they have slowed down the releases as they need to prepare for other projects and titles they are developing and now comes the time to stop supporting the game for the foreseeable future. This doesn't mean the end of new Rock Band tracks forever and you can still download all the previous songs and all online features of the games continue to run as normal. 

Many will have already stopped playing these games, but the start of this console generation was absolutely dominated by rhythm games like Guitar Hero and unfortunately a mass oversaturation of the market effectively killed the popular genre. Currently dance games are the most popular music genre and seem to avoid the same problems by only releasing one game a year compared to Guitar Hero that would release 3 or 4 annually.

Even though it is coming to an end, compiling the biggest music library for a game ever is a huge achievement. Hopefully taking some time off will help the genre seem more fresh if they ever try to reimagine rhythm games in the near future.


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