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Rocket League Hoops Gone Live

"C'mon and slam! and welcome to the jam!"
Psyonix’s high octane and higher methane motor-sports based adrenaline rush, Rocket League has released a new way to play. Rocket League, also known as “soccer with cars,” came out with a new game type called Hoops. As you might have guessed, Hoops is a basketball variation of the classic soccer mode. The most prominent difference in the Hoops mode is the giant basketball hoops in place of soccer nets. While the hoop is enormous, the fact that you now need to get the ball to bounce to the right spot adds a whole new challenge to the Rocket League format. 20160430204226_1 Other differences include the fact that the ball seems a little bouncier than usual, and that the typical game involves two players on each team as opposed to the three in standard mode. The new need to bounce the ball into the bucket lends itself to some insane jump-based plays. It also demands a new level of precision with vehicle jumps that is very difficult yet extremely satisfying to pull off. Hoops is proving to be a strong format that will likely see its own sub-culture of Rocket League enthusiasts, maybe even its own branch of the Rocket League ESL. 20160430194731_1 Accompanying the new game type is a new DLC pack featuring flags for each of the NBA teams that you can customize your vehicle with. This is the latest of a list of DLC including the Batman v. Superman, Chaos Run, and Back to the Future DLC packs, which range in price from $1.99 to $3.99. Plans for future DLC packs include a playable Knight Rider’s KITT car model. Rocket League has seen enormous success, attracting more than 12 million active players and making over $70 million. Rocket League’s semi-recent Xbox One release, PC to Xbox One cross-play accessibility, and plans for the release of physical copies will likely ensure that the vehicle-based soccer (an basketball) game’s further success. 20160430193750_1 Another major draw to Rocket League is its pro scene. This weekend marked the end of the April Go4RocketLeague North America ESL series, leading into the beginning of the May series. Now is the perfect time to start following the series and check out the kinds of insane stunts they pull off each week.


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