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Rockin’ Dead Will Be The First 3-D Adventure Game

    A new point 'n' click adventure game called Rockin' Dead by bitComposer Games will be the first adventure game to use 3-D graphics (The "Pop out at ya" sort of 3-D).  It will require a special set of glasses which are included with the game, but a 2-D mode is also available.

In The Rockin' Dead, players will control Alyssa, a member of an unsuccessful all-girl heavy metal band called the "Deadly Lullabyes".  On their way to a mysterious concert, Alyssa's band mates mysteriously disappear and, as is always the case with this genre, the player must investigate and solve a series of mysteries!  The standards of point 'n' click games will be present, including puzzle-solving, interacting with NPC's, and combining inventory items.Judging by the artwork work and set up, we can expect a silly, light-hearted adventure, with a smokin' hot female lead.  It will come out in the second quarter of 2011, but no exact release date has been set, nor has the price has been announced.  Because it requires the 3-D glasses, it is unclear yet whether or not there will be the opportunity to Digital Download for players who don't care whether or not they use 3-D.

If you already have a pair of 3-D glasses lying around, pop them on and take a gander at the 3-D screenshot below.


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