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Rockstar Games Hints at New Red Dead

"Images Hint at Return of the Western Series"
[caption id="attachment_89279" align="alignnone" width="800"]Rockstar Games' Teaser Image Rockstar Games' Teaser Image[/caption] Ever the fans of cryptic and hype-building announcements, Rockstar Games has recently been teasing a few images that seem to point towards a new game in the much-beloved Red Dead franchise. On October 16th, the Rockstar Games' Twitter account posted an unassuming image - a worn image of their logo displayed on a flat red background: [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1200"]Rockstar Games' First Twitter Teaser Rockstar Games' First Twitter Teaser[/caption] That image alone was enough to get the hype train moving. Today's newest post generated even more excitement: the same red background, but this time with a crew of silhouetted figures. The same image is also on the company's website. The two teasers have created a firestorm of speculation, with just about everyone in agreement that a new Red Dead game is on the way. Red Dead Redemption, the sequel to Red Dead Revolver for the PS2 and original Xbox, was released in 2010 to near-universal acclaim. Fans have been clamoring for a PC port and a continuation of the story since it's release. In July, Rockstar Games brought the game across to the new console generation via Xbox One's Backwards Compatibility program. It is available to play via an original Xbox 360 copy or a digital copy from the Games store. It was indication to fans that the series wasn't abandoned, but no news cropped up until yesterday. It's still a little too early to begin speculation on the content of the new game. Two teasers in a row indicate that it will be announced slowly via Twitter, just like Grand Theft Auto V. In the mean time, keep your eyes peeled for more teasers in the future!


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