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Rockstar Hiring For Possible Red Dead Redemption Sequel

Rockstar San Diego is an interesting little developer. Having worked on smaller titles like Table Tennis and Smuggler's Run, the moderately popular Midnight Club series and then knocking it out of the park with Red Dead Redemption.  Their open-world Western odyssey captured the hearts and imaginations of everyone who ever caught themselves admiring a pair of cowboy boots or has ever grunted a subvocal 'Howdy' when no one was looking.

Which is especially interesting, because Rockstar San Diego made it big with their first critically acclaimed sandbox. Why is this interesting? Well for fans of the
game and even more interesting to the burgeoning AI programmer, Rockstar San Diego is looking to craft AI for a new "open world experience". Is this Rockstar’s first sign of a return to the dusty end of the Western age? This would most likely be the case, though a new IP is not an impossible idea. With Grand Theft Auto V on its way, let’s not forget that after number IV, Rockstar wasn’t afraid to spread its wings and try new things, putting a Western in the spotlight and even creating an entirely new IP with L.A. Noire

Has a sequel been officially announced? No. Would a new IP be interesting and exciting to hear about? Yes. Would a return to the Old West featuring Rockstar’s outstanding writing and open world style be something to get excited about? You bet ‘yer sorry hide, partner.

Source: Gamasutra job listing.


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