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Rockstar Releases Another New Batch of GTA V Screenshots

You know the drill by now. Rockstar Games release a few new innoculous screenshots of Grand Theft Auto V that don't really provide anything we don't already know and the internet gets divided in being super excited and disappointed. Well if these new ones don't get you at least slightly excited, then you really must not be looking forward to GTA V. Let us check these fantastic new pictures out:

Lets start with the obvious; THERE’S A SHARK! This isn’t the first time one has appeared in a GTA game, in Vice City they were seen floating about in the ocean from time to time. However, seeing as going in the water in that game meant almost instant death there wasn’t much interaction with them so they may as well have been a moving rock. Therefore I would class this game as the first to have fully functioning sharks. Exciting stuff. Also, we see a character equipped with full scuba diving gear. This has been mentioned before by Rockstar, but is the first time we have actually seen it ourselves which shows just how much deep sea exploration will be in this game. We will see more of this in a later screenshot. Let’s move on.

This one is a pretty standard picture with a twist. We see one of our new protagonists, Franklin, driving down the steet. Look at a little closer and we see his passenger is the first named animal and everyone’s new favorite dog in Grand Theft Auto, Chop. This shows perhaps Chop acts as a gang follower in San Andreas, where you can recruit him and bring him with you on specific missions for help. Or it could just be part of a cutscene. Either way, it's pretty awesome.

This one is very nice for longtime GTA fans. This looks to be the first fully functional and accessible submarine in franchise history. Again, there has been submarines before which we have seen underwater that were merely a nice piece of scenary but this really looks like we can drive the badboy for the first time. This, combined with the scuba equipment shows just how much more underwater exploration will be available than previous games and proves this really will be Rockstar’s biggest open world game to date with such huge areas underwater to venture in.

These last two are not as exciting as the rest, but still good nonetheless. This one contains a nice shot of two jets which could have been taken from many different scenarios, it could be two of our protagonists from the main story flying together for a mission, or more excitingly it could be our first glimpse at the game’s multiplayer which has been kept under wraps so far. Also we still see that giant blimp floating above Los Santos once more. I really hope we can interact with that thing.

The final new screenshot is a nice way to end with a shot of our 3 protagonists once again which we were formally introduced to in the most recent trailer. All these screenshots will further add hype to what is already 2013’s most anticipated game. The single caption released from Rockstar with the screenshots simply read ‘Happy Holidays – Enjoy’. Happy Holidays to you too Rockstar. Enjoy your time off, then get back to making the game which could define a generation.

Grand Theft Auto V launches Spring 2013 for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.


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