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Rockstar Toronto Expands – Bully 2?

Rockstar Games have revealed the news that they have closed down Rockstar Vancouver (the team that made Max Payne 3 and Bully.) But don't worry, this isn't another studio closure, the chaps have just been transferred over to Rockstar Toronto. Naturally, this raises the rumour eye brows; there has been much talk and suspicion about a sequel to Bully and Rockstar have dropped hints here and there in the past, and we're sure we'll see one in the near future. This could be another hint; the fact that the team who made Bully are joining forces with more developers suggest that they could be working with a larger team to make Bully 2 a game that everyone will be waiting for. 

We're certainly excited as Bully was a brilliantly unique game with some interesting and innovative ideas. The controls may have held it back for sure, but we're all for a sequel.



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