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Rodriguez in Talks for “Deadpool”

Surprising absolutely nobody, Robert Rodriguez (Sin City, Predators), who denied a month ago any involvement in the upcoming Deadpool film is now rumored to be in talks to direct the Merc with the Mouth's solo film debut. While he's not signed on (yet), the L.A. Times is receiving word that 20th Century Fox (the company currently holding control over the “X-Men” film franchise and it's subsequent spin-offs) and Rodriguez are doing far more than just talking; likely hammering out key contract terms for each side.

I have no doubt there will be a lot of discussion surrounding the level of violence in the film, as both Rodriguez and the character of Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) have a penchant for blood and expelling said blood from a lot of thugs; typically using guns and swords. Very graphic, very cool, and very R rated.

That's where things might hit a snag with contract negotiations. Rodriguez is not above toning down the violence for his kids movies (Shorts, Spy Kids). However, with a character like Deadpool, it's difficult to see a successful Rodriguez rendition of the Merc come to screen in anything other than R. If there is violence in a Robert Rodriguez movie, then prepare for cringe inducing scenes. That could be enough to scare 20th Century Fox off and search for a director willing to tone things down, much like X-Men Origins: Wolverine, a valiant effort but ultimately toothless take on the clawed badass.

It's all enough to wish really hard that Marvel, now doing fine producing their own films, could buy back the rights to the “X-Men” franchise, but Fox has no intention of selling that mule. Not with X-Men: First Class moving forward, a “Wolverine” sequel in the works, and rumblings of X-Men 4 making the rounds in producers' heads. With Deadpool having Reynolds, (now playing for both Marvel and DC teams) reprise his “Wolverine” role, Fox is set to make it's move in the crowded market of superhero films.

For now we simply wait and pray that regardless of what happens, Brett Ratner is never allowed near the “X-Men” franchise ever....again. Not even to a premiere.


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