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Rodriguez: ‘Sin City 2’ Happening This Summer

During an interview at the annual South by Southwest media festival in Austin, enterprising filmmaker Robert Rodriguez offered up a smattering of details on numerous upcoming projects. The Sin City director finally revealed a timeframe for that film’s sequel, as well as some new information about Machete Kills, and possibly the announcement of a 3D rerelease for one of his first films.

The overdue follow-up to Sin City will likely start shooting this summer. “It’ll be summer, it’ll be hot, and it’ll be nice and cool inside on the green screen,” said Rodriguez, referring to the shooting style of the first film that will be employed once more. The comic book sequel will be based on A Dame to Kill For, another of author Frank Miller’s Sin City books, with two new Miller stories rounding out the three-part vignette structure used in the first film. Oscar winner William Monahan also did some work on the script.

Sin City 2 will also come on the heels of another sequel, Machete Kills. On the mex-ploitation sequel, Rodriguez described the continuing adventures of Danny Trejo’s mercenary gunman, Machete, as being “very James Bond, Mission:Impossible. He works for the government, the president gives him a job.”

The plot details given out last February look like they’ll roll quite easily into the planned third film, which has been deemed Machete Kills Again... In Space!

Finally, a portion of the twitter-sphere believes that Rodriguez has also announced that his 1996 crime-caper-turned-vampire-flick From Dusk Till Dawn will be getting a 3D rerelease. Slashfilm has yet to confirm the story, but rereleasing the Quentin Tarantino-written cult hit seems like a pretty Rodriguez-ian thing to do. Whether a 16 year-old George Clooney film can earn enough to offset post-conversion fees is debatable, but Rodriguez is an expert at turning small budgets into reliable box-office returns. For the full interview from SXSW, check out the video below: 


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