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Rogen nabs box office green with “The Green Hornet”

The Green Hornet managed to make some real green over the three day weekend. Topping the charts with $34 million, Seth Rogen’s incarnation of the original radio show was a hit with audiences despite critics. The Dilemma made a slight but respectable $17 million. Vince Vaughn is normally capable of more but a critical beating didn’t help him much. Art house movie remained in top positions beating out mainstream faire.

True Grit, The King’s Speech, and Black Swan all benefitted from Golden Globe award recognition. Jeff Bridges western fell to number three after capturing first place last week. Still, the $11.2 million it captured added to a total of $126.4 million. Darren Arnofsky’s thriller traded places with Tom Hooper’s period drama. The King’s Speech rallied $9 million compared to $8.1 million for Black Swan. Both Colin Firth and Natalie Portman took home Golden Globe Awards Sunday evening for their leading portrayals.

The Fighter kept on kicking though it fell to ninth position with $5.1 million. Both Melissa Leo and Christian Bale won in their supporting categories at the Golden Globes which will offer a bump in sales in the coming week. Sandwiched around it were Season of the Witch and Yogi Bear, two doldrums that will soon drop into oblivion. Little Fockers and Tron Legacy continue to make paper at sixth and seventh place. Little Fockers added $7.1 million to the $134 million tally while “Tron” sits at $156 million domestic.

The Top Ten

1.  1. The Green Hornet - $34.0M (weekend)…$34.0M (gross)
2.  2. The Dilemma- $17.4M…$17.4M

3.  3. True Grit - $11.2M…$126.4M
4.  4. The King’s Speech - $9.0M…$44.5M
5.  5. Black Swan - $8.1M…$72.9M
6.  6. Little Fockers - $7.1M…$134.2M
7.  7. Tron Legacy - $5.6M …$156.9M
8.  8. Yogi Bear - $5.3M…$82.0M
9.  9. The Fighter - $5.1M…$65.7M
10. 10. Season of the Witch - $4.5M …$17.9M

No Strings Attached feels a bit like Love and Other Drugs released in late November. It did less than so-so with $31 million domestic and $22 million foreign. However, Ashton Kutcher does pretty well in these roles and Natalie Portman is popular at the moment given her role in Black Swan. Their joint effort opens the widest at 2800 cinemas.

The Way Back, a movie you have probably never heard of debuts at 650 screens. The drama is being poorly marketed by Newmarket, a studio you have never heard of. IMDB gives this description, “Siberian gulag escapees walk 4000 miles overland to freedom in India.” Colin Farrell and Ed Harris star in what sounds like a dreary picture. In the same vein, The Company Men featuring Tommy Lee Jones and Ben Affleck follows a few men struggling with corporate downsizing. It opens at approximately 100 theaters this Friday.


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