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Roland Emmerich offered “Asteroids” Film

In news that might make you tilt your head, reports are getting around that Roland Emmerich (2012, Independence Day) has been offered the director's chair for the film adaptation of the '70s arcade classic Asteroids. I guarantee nothing in that sentence is a typo.

Nothing is official, but Vulture is reporting that Emmerich has seen a script written by Matt Lopez, who also penned the recent Race to Witch Mountain and The Sorcerer's Apprentice scripts. Seeing how the game was literally two dimensional, and only focused on a triangle shooting asteroids, perhaps a manageable script can be mustered.

Vulture claims to have a concept on the script: allegedly it will be set after the destruction of Earth, when Earth has been ravaged by a race of aliens (we'll call them "bad aliens"). The last surviving members of humanity have fled to the outskirts of the galaxy, hiding in asteroid belts alongside (undisclosed) "nice" aliens that rescued them from Earth's destruction. Humanity believes the "nice" aliens are kind for having rescued them, but soon discover their motivations may fall in line with the "bad" aliens responsible for Earth's destruction. Insert deep sigh ... here.

If signed, you can expect Emmerich to put on an effects-laden show. After all, it seems to be about all the (divisive) director can muster these days, though given the numbers of his recent films, audiences still have an appetite for disaster flicks. Asteroids could very well be his disaster formula — in space.


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