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“Rollercoaster Tycoon” goes big screen

In a time where we can look forward to movies the likes of Monopoly and Candy Land, thanks to a deal between Hasbro and Universal, it looks as if Sony Pictures Animation wants in on the good times. 

Harald Zwart, who helmed the new remake of The Karate Kid, which is due out next month, will produce and may also opt to direct the project. "Rollercoaster Tycoon" is a very popular Atari computer game franchise where players build and then
rctycoon manage a theme park using their own creativity and business savvy to become the ultimate mogul.

This adaptation will be a combination of live-action and CGI, and will be written by scribes David Ronn and Jay Scherick who were behind two upcoming movies: ensemble comedy The Zookeeper and the big screen treatment of The Smurfs.

Plot details are pure speculation at this point as is casting but it is difficult to fathom an outcome that will be able to transcend its concept.

Few would deny Hollywood has drained much of its creative juices and exists as a money grab more than ever, but when it gets to the point where films based on rollercoaster management are being greenlighted, praying for the announcement of an elaborate hoax is all we can hope for. At least the recently announced “Pac-Man” movie will have some company in the realm of cinematic absurdity.



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