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Rosemary’s Baby Featurette

NBC’s miniseries adaptation of Rosemary’s Baby is approaching its May 11th premiere date and with that comes a new featurette taking us behind the scenes exploring the themes and stories of this contemporary take on a classic. If you haven’t seen the original Roman Polanski adaptation, what are you doing? Go watch that, it is truly amazing and haunting and all kinds of fantastic and also worth watching before this NBC experiment. Because, your experience should not be clouded by any other version and no way is this network “re-imagining” going to be as creepy and sublime as Polanski’s, really, it’s a masterpiece. And, sure this new take on the story might be entertaining and well done, but is it necessary? NBC sure does seem to think so, and it does seem like the producers have made it a priority to update the story and incorporate new elements into the narrative, which could give the story a fresher perspective and impact. It is hard to say how much these apparent changes will affect the overall story. Television and movie remakes are something of a double-edged sword. They spark nostalgia and might attract fans of the original work creating a built in interested audience, but they also draw immense amounts of scrutiny and criticism from die-hard purists. I’m sure the network cares more about the buzz surrounding the series than the eventual critical reception.   Click here to watch the cast and crew discuss the series. What do you think? Will you give NBC’s Rosemary’s Baby a chance?


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