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Rumor: Dead Rising 3 to Be Set in California and Stars a Mechanic

His name is Rick and he's repaired cars, you know. 

Word going around the net today is that the next iteration of Dead Rising is happening.  Set in the fictional local of Los Perdidos, California, Dead Rising 3 supposedly stars a car mechanic by the name of Rick who, like Frank West and Chuck Greene before him, must overcome and survive a zombie apocalypse any way he can.  The main goal this time around is to find the parts for and fix an airplane in order to escape the doomed town as it is set to be blown up Raccoon City style.

Further details (assuming this is all true) are sketchy, but another character by the name of Red is said to be significant to the game's story, as he leads an underground group of illegal immigrants, with the games plot revolving around the issue as well.  It would be interesting if such a topic were handled maturely, but seeing as we’re talking about a Dead Rising game and Capcom, expect the usual stereotypes, bad one liners and cheesy dialogue we’ve come to love (and cringe at) over the years.

source: siliconera.com


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